How much money can you waste...

...buying a 'brand new' motorhome?

FACT: A new motorhome sells for 38,000, 42,000 even over 49,000+

Did you know you could pay as little as 16,395 for an Ex-Rental motorhome?

(Luxury motorhomes now available for "less than half" the price of a new one)

20%, 25%, even over 35% cheaper than anywhere else!

Why would anyone pay more?

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Can I really buy a luxury motorhome - for 16,395?
Yes! You’ll be shocked and surprised at how little an Ex-Rental costs.
Our free Guide is packed full of great ideas about which Chausson Ex-Rental model is the ideal one for you and your family.

Fiat Chausson Flash 25  You’ll find what's the best size & layout  that's perfect for your requirements.

 A cost comparison between buying a motorhome anywhere else
 against a buying Chausson Ex-Rental (There's no comparison).

 (Most importantly, you'll soon realise that you can finally own a motorhome for half the price of a new one)

The Chausson Ex-Rental Guide
The facts you need to know about buying a Chausson Ex-Rental motorhome are revealed in a new free Guide.

Written by motorhome experts - it tells you all about a 'little known' way to buying a good quality, luxury motorhome for way below the trade or second hand market value.

You’ll find the free Guide contains a wealth of information about motorhomes and how to buy one for 20%, 25% even over 35% cheaper than anywhere else...

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(Find out how to buy and enjoy a luxury motorhome for less than half the cost of a new one)

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