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Motorhomes for Hire

How much money can you waste?

Buying a 'brand new' motorhome...

FACT: A new motorhome sells for £38,000, £42,000 even over £49,000+

Did you realise you could pay as little as £16,395 for an identical Ex-Rental model?
(Luxury motorhomes now available for "less than half" the cost of a new one)
20%, 25%, even over 35% cheaper than anywhere else!
Why would anyone pay more?

Our new FREE Guide reveals how...

Can I really buy a luxury motorhome - for only £ 16,395?
Yes! You’ll be surprised at how little an Ex-Rental motorhome costs.
Our detailed Guide is packed full of great ideas about which model is the ideal one for you and your family.

Fiat Chausson Flash 25  You’ll find what's the best size & layout  that's perfect for your requirements.

 A cost comparison between buying a motorhome anywhere else
 against a buying an Ex-Rental Motorhome (There's no comparison).

 (Most importantly, you'll soon realise that you can finally own a motorhome for half the price of a new one)

The MotorHolme Options Guide
The facts you need to know about buying an Ex-Rental motorhome are revealed in a new free Guide.

Written by motorhome experts - it tells you all about a 'little known' way to buying a good quality, luxury motorhome for way below the trade or second hand market value.

You’ll find the free Guide contains a wealth of information about motorhomes and how to buy one for 20%, 25% even over 35% cheaper than anywhere else...

Getting the know-how you need is easy - download your copy of The MotorHolme Options Guide by filling in the form below.

(Find out how to buy and enjoy a luxury motorhome for less than half the cost of a new one)
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