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European Motorhome Holidays

Here we are going to look at some insights for the first-time visitor to Germany in a motorhome. Your first trip to Europe in your own vehicle is always an exciting time, so we aim to give you a starting point for researching your trip.


There is a wide network of parking spots across Germany, known as 'Stellplatz'. They are similar to French 'Aires', but often they do not have the level of services available that you might come to discover in France. They can generally be identified by a motorhome icon on the sign, if you struggle with some of the more creative German versions of the name that can crop up!

The sign at the entrance will generally fill you in on how many days you are allowed to stay - and if they don't specify a time limit it would be safe to say that a maximum of 3 days would be acceptable. Some Stellplatz can only be used on certain days of the week, so if you are relying on them it might be worth doing a spot of research before arrival in case you get stuck without anywhere to park for the night.

Many of the Stellplatz are run by the local council but there are a variety of privately run interests too - sometimes attached to motorhome dealer, a swimming pool or a marina for example.


As with the French Aires, the Stellplatz are aimed at self-sufficient motorhomes so don't expect facilities such as toilets and showers. Most sites do provide at least one service point, and if they don't then it is likely that you will find a noticeboard that describes where you can find the nearest one.

If you have a fixed toilet tank you must ensure you bring a suitable hose for emptying it, as some of the service points are designed in a way that would make it impossible otherwise. It is always worth having a stash of coins handy too as often the fresh water function will be coin operated.

A few Stellplatz will provide electrical hook-ups, but these cannot be expected, and they often supply only a very low wattage so would not be suitable for powering an electrical heater for example.

A cosy arrangement

Stellplatz do not offer pitches in the conventional sense, so be prepared to on much closer terms with your neighbours than you might be used too, especially in busy times. This can be a curse or a blessing depending on your neighbours!

Essential kit

EU number plate or GB add-on
It is now European law that all travellers display either the appropriate version of the EU plate, or add a GB plate on to identify themselves.


You must pack a high visibility vest and a warning triangle in case of break down. It is also compulsory to pack a first aid kit too.

Headlight adapters

These are designed to reduce the risk of dazzling oncoming traffic with your headlights. You can buy them from a company called Eurolites, from most good motor stores.

Before you leave, always check up to date information to ensure that there have not been any changes to the legal requirements when you are visiting Germany. Enjoy!

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