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European Motorhome Holidays – Spain

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European Motorhome Holidays – Spain

In this article we are going to take a look at motorhoming in sunny Spain. Many mobile tourists choose to take their motorhome to Spain in the winter as it is still mild there compared to average UK temperatures, but the roads are a little quieter than in peak summertime.

Where to stay
As with most other European countries, there is a wealth of campsites and caravan parks dotted across the country, some good, some not so! The Caravan Club lists fourteen sites that they have inspected and approved, so if you want to play it safe this will be a good place to start.

There is a network of ‘Aires’ or motorhome parking spots across Spain, similar to those in France and Germany. In busy areas such as the Mediterranean coast, the Aires will usually charge for water and parking, but if you go off the beaten track where the Aires are not nearly so busy you will usually be rewarded with free services. They are provided by the local town council as a way of attracting tourists to the area, so if you are making use of these services do make sure that you spend money in the local area while you are there.

The Aires usually provide a service point, where you can dispose of waste water (grey water), toilet waste (black waste) and top up your fresh water tanks. There is no standardised service point that you can expect to meet on tour in Spain, as many are built locally – just make sure you bring your own hose! You can drink Spanish water although sometimes you will find that it is very heavily chlorinated and not terribly palatable.

Essential kit
There are a few bits of kit that you are legally obliged to be carrying if you take your motorhome to Spain. It is always worth checking these before you set off with a reputable source, as requirements can change at any time.

A GB Plate
This must be one of the up-to-date Euro plates (with the circle of stars) with GB clearly marked on it. There is no need to display a GB sticker anymore alongside one of these plates.

Two Warning Triangles and a safety vest
These are essential in case you break down on the carriageway and need to alert other drivers safely.

Headlamp Converters and spare bulbs
These handy little devices are required so that you don’t dazzle oncoming vehicles. The higher stature of the motorhome means that it is possible to dazzle other people with a normal beam, and you will be liable for a fine if you are driving without one in Spain.

You must carry spare bulbs for all lights on the motorhome.
Spare prescription glasses
If you require glasses for driving you are legally obliged to carry a spare set whilst driving in Spain, just in case there is an unfortunate squashing incident or anything else!

Spare wheel and fan belt
Most drivers will have a spare wheel already, but the spare fan belt is a vital extra step if you want to travel in Spain.

As well as these essentials it is always recommended that you pack a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and a torch for any overseas trip.

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